garage sale finder appsYard sale season is an exciting time of year. You are ready to get out and find great bargains that will save you some money. As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So, this year when you head out on the look for some great deals, you may be able to use your smartphone to help you out. Forget chasing signs around town that may or may not be current. Using a garage sale finder app can help you find more yard sales than you could ever imagine. Here are the top apps that other fellow bargain hunters are using.

Garage Sale Rover

What’s better than telling you exactly where a yard sale is located? Well, it’s allowing you to search by the specific items you are looking for. Whether you want toys, clothes or a microwave oven, this app can help you find it. Once you have located the garage sale that you want to visit, the GPS system will automatically direct your paths to help you find it. The garage sale finder app is totally free and very user-friendly. Using GPS satellite positioning, you can find any yard sale wherever you are.

Yard Sale Treasure Map

This app doesn’t scour newspapers and other online sites, it goes straight to Craigslist listed garage sales. It has a handy map that allows you to view their location or you have the option to view them in a list format. It sorts the best garage sales in your area based on the preferences you set up. It has a filter so that you can change your location, distance, and even the day of the week you are shopping. Get new pop-up sales that are entered into the system when they are close to you. Plus, this app gives you a map and directions to the sales. No wasted time on being lost.

Garage Sales By Map

This app uses numerous online resources to compile the best yard sales near you. It has more than 60,000 sales to comb through on a weekly basis. Use keyword features to find exactly what you are looking for. The app covers the entire country, so you can see what’s going on in another location too. The great thing is you can call a relative and let them know about a huge sale or you can use it when traveling. It combs through,,,, and

Garage Sale Wizards

This app offers just a little bit more than others. It includes estate sales, moving sales, auctions, and traditional multi-family style sales. Contributors upload sales here so that the avid shopping won’t miss out on a great sale in their neighborhood. This totally free app is compatible with the iPod, iPad, and the iPhone. You can use it on your tablet to keep your phone free.

Garage Sales Tracker

This app provides the best of both worlds. It is designed to help both the host and the buyer. Those who are having yard sales can list them for free with this app. They can let the customers know of an upcoming sale weeks in advance. The buyer can use the zip code area to find sales nearby. Because it uses Google maps to store locations, it is really great at helping to find flea markets, consignment shops, and the ever-popular garage sales.

Yard Sale Watch

You can be alerted when items that peak your interest are being sold in your area. This free app links to other social media sites. Since so many people list their sales on Facebook and Twitter, this app will comb through those listings to help you out. While it is one of the newer apps on the market, the reviews so far have been really positive. It is definitely an app to watch and be on the lookout for new and exciting updates. It is estimated that this app will be one of the leaders in the garage sale seeker industry.

Private Garage Sale

If you like eBay, then you will love this app. Sellers can list their items for sale on here rather than having a yard sale on their lawn. Buyers contact the seller over this free network. There are no commissions or fees to be a part of this community, even if you buy or sell. If you sell on this site, you keep 100 percent of the profits. Use this app with other private garage sales sites for maximum savings potential.

College Garage Sale

If you love supporting your local alma matter, then this may be the app for you. Everything that is bought or sold on this app gives a percentage to the school of the seller’s choice. You can locate a garage sale or just buy items on this app. Some items start as low as $1.00.

Scrounge Around

The best app for all your garage sale needs is Scrounge Around. It is updated daily and has the largest network of users. They comb through social media, online postings, and allow users to make posts too. Integrate this app with a map app and you are set for a day of fun.