making money at garage saleYou’ve probably been to a few garage sales in your life. You may have even set a few up yourself. It might seem rather straightforward: just compile items you no longer have use for and set up a few tables outside. However, a well-planned garage sale can make all the difference in terms of drawing customers. If you’re wondering how to have successful garage sale, these tips will help you out.

1. Prepare

Your garage sale should be well thought out and organized. Otherwise, people will be more likely to leave without buying anything after a few minutes of browsing. Besides the essentials, like price tags, tables and a permit, you should also be prepared with a layout strategy. Any items that are most likely to gain attention from passersby should be displayed prominently. You should also consider organizing by alike sections. For instance, if you are selling an old DVD player, it would make sense to have it on display near DVDs you’re selling.

2. Consider the Season

Ever wonder why garage sales tend not to happen in the wintertime? We hope not. Good weather is a crucial factor for a garage sale, so you’d better be checking the forecast in the weeks leading up to your sale. If you see any strong indication of rain (like a 20 percent chance or more), then don’t go for that date. Which would you rather do: wait a week for your garage sale or throw out the items you were going to sell due to water damage?

Spring is a great time to hold a garage sale. Not only do you have the temperate (but not muggy!) weather bringing people out, you also have the benefit of tax refunds giving people a bit of a spending boost. Before the flowers start to bloom, consult your calendar to find the perfect spring Saturday to host a garage sale.

3. Advertise

Garage sales can bring in big business, but only if you’re able and willing to draw that business to you. If you want to bring people beyond your neighborhood to your garage sale, then you need to know how to promote it. Post flyers on bulletin boards in coffee shops and libraries (ask permission of course!), advertise on Craigslist and Facebook and place an ad in your local newspaper’s classified section. Tell coworkers too. Even if they aren’t inclined, they could very well tell their garage sale-loving friends. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to spreading the word of your garage sale.

4. Be Willing to Barter

The main purpose of a garage sale isn’t to bring in huge revenue; it’s to clear out junk that’s been taking up space in your home. Therefore, you should focus on clearing out all your items and understand you might have to negotiate the price for certain items, particularly as the day draws to a close. While you shouldn’t take $2 first offer for an item priced $20, you should be able to work out an agreement within a few dollars of your original asking price.

5. Be a Good Salesperson

Whether we’d like to admit to it or not, we’ve all had experiences where we bought something we otherwise wouldn’t have due to a salesperson’s friendly demeanor and persuasive strategies. It’s simple social science: people are drawn to outgoing individuals. As a garage sale host, you want to show off your most genuine charismatic self. Engage with customers as they arrive and ask them specific questions about what they’re looking for. Just be sure to be completely honest, as acting deceptive is a great way to drive people away from your garage sale.

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