How to display clothes at a yard sale

garage sale faqDisplaying clothing items at a yard sale can vary based on type and how many items you have. If you don’t have clothing racks on hand, there are some simple tricks to make your own. For baby and children’s clothes, try setting up a long table and folding smaller items on the table. For larger kid’s items or clothes that you would typically hang up, duct tape a long PCV pipe or curtain rod to the end of the table and hang items off of it. For adult clothing, turn a ladder horizontally, lay each side on a table, and hang clothing from the ladder. Organize shoes and smaller items into bins labeled by price or clothing item.

How much change to have for a garage sale

There isn’t an exact amount of change you need to have on hand for a garage sale, but you should make sure you have plenty. Anywhere between $20 to over $100 is typical. You should have a good mix of fives, tens, ones and quarters. A good example of this would be four $10 bills, five $5 bills, 25 $1 bills and a roll of quarters. If you have larger furniture items, you should aim more toward the $100 range. Don’t accept checks unless it’s from someone you know well.

What sells best at yard sales

If you want your home clean out to be successful, try to sell more in demand items and donate the rest. Items that are worth a lot of money typically don’t sell at yard sales. If you think about it, most people won’t walk up to a garage sale looking to spend $1000. Furniture is always a big seller, especially for people who peruse garage sales looking for antiques. Tools, kid and baby clothing, vinyl records, books by the bundle, kid’s toys and costume jewelry are all big sellers at yard sales.

What to sell in a garage sale

When you’re cleaning out your house, throw away any broken items or clothing that has been heavily used. People won’t buy damaged items at a garage sale. If you have an item that’s worth a lot of money, like expensive jewelry, consider selling it online if you want to make more money off of it. If you have kids, garage sales are great for selling kids clothing, toys, furniture, and baby items. Sell any like-new items you never got use of and make a few bucks doing it. If you recently bought new furnishings, your old furniture, décor or antiques are sure to sell. It’s always best to put everything you don’t need that’s in good condition up for sale. If it doesn’t sell, donate it.

How to advertise for a garage sale

With the rise of social media, it’s easier than ever to advertise your garage sale. Make a public Facebook event for your sale and invite your friends. If they respond to the invite, their friends will see it on their news feed too and more people are likely to come. You can even simply write a post on your Facebook or other social media accounts about your sale leading up to it. Some local newspapers have garage sale sections you can list your sale in or list it on Craigslist. Post signs on cross streets or busy roads near your street pointing to the direction of your house on the days of the sale.

How to write a garage sale ad

For Craigslist ads, write an attention grabbing heading like “Huge Garage Sale Sat/Sun 9-4 pm” or “Garage Sale .25 cent baby items on Sat.” Make sure to include what and when, just a simple “Garage Sale” heading won’t attract as many potential customers. Within the ad, include pictures of big ticket items, what you’ll be selling, price information, dates and times and where your house is located including cross streets. If it’s a neighborhood sale, be sure to include the words “Neighborhood Sale”, “Multi-Family Sale”, or “Community Sale.” Bigger is always better when it comes to garage sales.

How to list a garage sale on craigslist

Before you list your garage sale on Craigslist, take a look at other sales under your city’s page to see how other people are writing their ads. Click the “Post to Classifieds” button within your city’s listings under the garage sale category. Fill out all of your sale’s information under “for sale by owner.”  Include an attention grabbing headline, pricing, items you’re selling, date and time, your address, and directions to your home. Make sure to include as many quality images of popular items. Read over and publish your ad and don’t forget to post it on your social media pages.

Where to find garage sales

Typically on weekends in the summer and spring months, you can just drive around residential neighborhoods in the area you’re looking for sales and see several signs pointing toward garage sales. Search your city’s Craigslist listings for garage sales in your area. Craigslist is a great tool if you’re looking for a specific item or within a specific neighborhood. Some other resources include your local newspaper or websites like or

How to find garage sales in my area

Your area should have a local newspaper with area garage sale listings where you can start. Make a post on your Facebook page or a local For Sale Facebook group that you’re looking for sales in a certain area. You can even search Facebook events in your area for garage sales. Look within your city’s Craigslist listings and type in your specific area for garage sales closer to you. You can even simply ask friends or family members if they know of any sales going on in the area.

How to price baby clothes for garage sale

Baby clothes are big sellers at garage sales. Kids grow out of their clothes every year and you may even have some clothes that were never worn. Organize kid’s clothes into bins by size and mark the bin at $0.50 – $1.00 per item. For clothes that are new with tags, hang them up and price them according to type and size between $2-3. Another strategy is to set out grocery bags and allow customers to fill a bag for $5. You can also price name brands, sets, or dressy outfits higher.