Hosting a garage sale can be tricky, especially if you don’t know how to properly advertise to maximize the number of customers you draw in. Use this handy garage sale advertising FAQ as your guide.

garage sale advertising signHow do you write a garage sale ad?
Garage sale advertising is simple and shouldn’t be overly complicated. When you write your garage sale ad, be sure to include only the most essential information. This includes the address where the sale will be located, the date and time when it will take place, and any unique items you are selling (e.g. furniture, antiques, golf clubs, bikes). If you are selling kids clothing be sure to list the sizes (e.g. boys 2T-6 and girls sz 8-14).

It’s important to get to the point rather than add fluff that customers have to dig through. If your garage sale ad is too wordy, then customers will skip it or overlook it.

How do you list a garage sale on Craigslist?
Craigslist is an easy site to list your garage sale ad since they separate ads into categories. Under the “For Sale” tab on their site, you will find a subcategory dedicated solely to garage sales. This is where you will post your ad once you have signed up with the site. All you need is an email and password to post your ad under this category. Craigslist also allows you to post some pictures and to pinpoint the location of your garage sale. Be sure to take advantage of these handy tools to maximize the number of customers that visit your sale.

Where are the best places to advertise a yard sale?
There are many of places to post your advertisements, but it depends on what medium you are using. If you want to post digital ads, then posting them on popular websites like Craigslist and Backpage are great ways to ensure they are seen by potential customers. Social media is another great way to post digital ads. Use your Facebook or Instagram to announce to your friends and followers that you are hosting a garage sale. If you are looking for a traditional advertising method, buy neon-colored signs and write in thick letters the information to get to your garage sale. Place these signs in or near high traffic areas like parks, schools, and business areas. Another great way to advertise is by placing an ad in your local newspaper or city magazine. You can also leave flyers in stores that allow you to leave flyers and business cards near the entrance of their stores. There are also a number of websites that allow you to list your sale for free including:, and

How to advertise a garage sale for free?
As mentioned previously, there are a number of free sites for listing yard sales including, and You can also advertise your garage sale for free on Craigslist, Backpage, Facebook, and Instagram. Many social media sites are free to use and allow you to post garage sale ads to alert friends and family members. Taping neon-colored signs around your neighborhood with information in regards to your yard sale is another easy and free way to advertise. The cheapest method is using online classified sites as mentioned earlier since they don’t require you to buy signs or tape.

When should I start posting my garage sale ads?
Avoid posting and putting up your ads too early, especially if you don’t have the dates printed on the signs. Signs you place around the neighborhood will most likely get torn down or ruined by weather if you put them up two weeks in advance of your sale. Ads posted too early online will quickly be forgotten and pushed down the feed by newer ads. It’s important to note that ads that are posted too late will often go ignored. Don’t post them the day of your sale as this will cut down on the number of customers that plan to visit. A great time to post your ads would be between three days to one week ahead of your sale. This gives people time to see it and plan ahead to free up their schedule in order to drive down to your garage sale.

Are there illegal methods of posting garage sale ads that I should avoid?
Some cities have ordinances or laws in place that don’t permit certain kinds of garage sale ads. The most common are physical signs taped to street light poles, traffic signs, and street signs. Avoid this common garage sale ad mishap by checking with your city’s website to follow their ordinances and laws. Some cities will give you a temporary permit to allow you to tape up the signs for a certain number of days.