Free Garage Sale Display Table Signs and Three Reasons Why You Need Them At Your Next Garage Sale!

There are lots of reasons to have display table signs at your next garage sale! Especially at multi-family garage sales, the day or weekend of the garage sale can be especially crazy. Here at TallySheet, our goal is to make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible. Our cash register app takes credit card payments and splits up sales by seller so you can finish your sale without the hassle of calculating payout splits.

1. Signs Direct People Who Are Browsing

You put a lot of time into organizing this event, so it’s simple for you to know where everything is located. Your customers are walking into the space for the first time, and you want them to know as quickly as possible which tables they should be investigating.  It helps you merchandise better, leading to people finding more items they want to buy.

2. Signs Help Categorize Collections

You want as many eyes on your items as possible, so a basic description of a group of items, like a Baseball card collection, or the number of pieces in that pristine china set, will help your customers decide if they want to investigate further.

3. Signs Help Items Sell Faster

If you have a special offer, such as a Buy 2 get 1 Free collection of DVDs, signage draws attention as customers are browsing other categories. This is a perfect way to help move those groups of items that seem to stick around to the end of every sale.

All Signs Image

Free Display Table Category Signs

Here are 13 category signs for you display tables that you can download and use at your next garage sale! If you have clear plastic sheet protectors, they can last from year to year.

Click any of the images below to open a PDF download for your signs or open all signs here

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