The Cash Register Garage Sale App

Key Features TallySheet is a perfect app for garage sales, craft sales and any other multi-seller event…

If you’ve run a yard sale (or if you prefer, a tag sale, garage sale, rummage sale, etc.) you know what a headache it can be to act as your own cash register or keep track of sales if you have a multi-family sale going. The TallySheet yard sale app is designed to make running your sale a whole lot easier. While there are a number of manual and digital solutions for tracking your sales, we think TallySheet is the best garage sale app because it allows you to do all of the following:

What Users are Saying The reviews are in and it's clear TallySheet makes running a yard sale MUCH easier.

  • Amoeba97 App User We used to do things on paper but with this app, we can keep different sellers straight and even have two cashiers at the same time.
  • DanRenee App User We used to do everything on a piece of paper and have to add everything up per seller. This is such an easier way to do it. I love this app and will never go back to the old paper and pen.
  • Lancerpants App User We had 7 sellers so it could have gotten confusing and hard to manage, but TallySheet really kept things simple and easy. We'll be using it again!

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